UK Hikes Immigrant Visa Fees

Under the new Immigration rules, Britain has increased its Immigration Visa fee, which would come into effect from April 2010, a move that would surely impact applicants from all over the world. For instance, applicants who apply to bring their parents to live with them from their country of origin would have to pay double the amount of fee (to more than £1,900) and an addition 10 percent would be charged for every child.

In addition, highly skilled migrants and international footballers who are planning to extend their stay would be proposed a £15,000 premium visa renewal service, as a part if the amendments made in the fee structure.

Phil Woolas, the Immigration Minister, confirmed that the applicants, who are getting the benefits from the Immigration system, should also play their role in funding it too. He said that it is fair that both should be mutually benefited as the fund will assist the staffs who work in the local communities and the 135 countries all over the globe.

Long term visit visa fee would be 610 pounds as compared to 500 pounds, charged earlier. The fee is for the visa valid for up to 10 years. The fee has been raised from 215 pounds to 230 pounds for the visa valid up to two years and for the one valid for up to five years, the fee has been raised to 420 pounds as compared to 400 pounds.

The basic cost for migrants who are intending to settle in the UK will see a hike of £644 from £585. If already in the UK, and are filing for “indefinite leave to remain,” then the fee has been increased to £840 as compared to £820. Applicants have to pay £655 in place of £640 if applying for a British citizenship.

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