Immigrate to Latvia–The Baltic Nation Beckons You!

Latvia has emerged as one of the leading destinations lately, especially for those who wish to live and work in Europe. A large number of people flock to the country for different purposes. Here, they find better employment opportunities which generally fetch them a handsome salary. They easily find better livelihood opportunities and high standard of living and hence they immigrate to Latvia.

The beautiful Baltic Country is well surrounded by picturesque landscapes, attractive shopping malls, various natural attractions, crystal-clear beaches, happening night life, tranquil ambience, and much more.

Latvia is one of the three Baltic States and shares it boarded with Lithuania to the south and Estonia to the north. Here, majority of its people speak English and Russian though Latvian is its national language.

Politically, it is a stable country and democratic in nature. It is a member of the European Union (EU), NATO, IMF, WTO and many other international organizations. If you get a permit to live and work in the country, being a Schengen country, on the same permit you can travel to 25 more countries. You may live in a Schengen country for at least 90 in six months.

When compared to other European nations, in Latvia, the cost of living is relatively low. Its capital city Riga is the most populated cities and a large number of investors wish to invest in the capital city. Daugavpils and Liepaja are the two other popular destinations.

Immigrate to Latvia

A large number of immigrants immigrate to Latvia because the nation provides an easy entry in Europe. Prospective immigrants easily enter the country using any of the immigration programmes. Perhaps, the most popular route to the Baltic country is making an investment in the country–either in a national company or real state.

The Latvian Government encourages foreign investors to become a part of the country. Given this, for eligible applicant their chances of getting visa application approved is very high. Initially, a visa is issued for a period of five years which can be further extended on request.

And once you have lived and worked in the country, for at least 10 years, you may apply for Permanent Residency (PR). If you are lucky enough to become the permanent resident of the country, you become liable to enjoy many benefits, such as you may sponsor your close relatives, may pursue higher studies in European education institutions, and if you are a business personal, you may expand your business venture to other Schengen and members of the EU.

If you wish to immigrate to the country, be careful and process your visa application under the guidance of an immigration expert. First, understand the complete procedure. Then follow the instructions. Remember: do not trust anyone and everyone blindly,

Latvia is a lesser known destination yet it is popular among those who wish to be part of European culture, and as compared to other European nations, immigrating to Latvia is much simple, smooth and hassle free.

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