Why It Makes Sense to Immigrate to Hong Kong?

In literal terms, Hong Kong means ‘Fragrant Harbour’. It is one of the most sought after immigrations destination for those who wish to live and work abroad. The SAR proffers high standard of living, and immense job opportunities.

Besides, all these, Hong Kong has easy-to-follow & highly transparent immigration system, ample of social and economic benefits and an influential mixed economy.  So it not surprising that several people from across the globe want to immigrate to Hong Kong.

Significantly, better known for its modern lifestyle, amenities and skyline, it has been honored with the title ‘most vertical city’ in the world.  Also known as ‘HK’, its economy is among the most flourishing economies of the world and each day its economy is getting better and better. The country has the highest per capita income and this is probably a key reason why HK is a top immigration destination.

Over the last few years, many immigrants have shown keen interest to immigrate to Hong Kong. The SAR offers ample of opportunities for personal development. It is also ranked as a major global tourist destination.  Also referred as the ‘Pearl of the Orient’, Hong Kong is also one of the major trading and financial centers, after London and New York.

If you have decided to move to the country, then certainly you have taken a wise decision. HK has something or the other for everyone, including tourists, skilled workers, students, investors, and skilled workers.

Why Immigrate to Hong Kong?

  • The SAR has a free economy with minimum tax rate, inheritance tax is also not applicable neither foreign exchange policies come under the government rule.
  • The SAR is a dynamic country and offers excellent opportunities for business and skilled workers.
  • It is democratic in nature, has a very high standard of living, and the life expectancy rate is the second highest in the world.
  • Children of the immigrants are liable to purse school education free of cost.
  • When one thinks of immigration, social security plays a vital role. Hong Kong is one of the safest countries in the world.
  • The country is a shopper’s paradise. If you love shopping, then the country is for you. Here electronic gadgets especially are available at the lowest rates possible.

Major Pathways for Hong Kong Immigration

  • General Employment scheme (GEP): Introduced to meet the growing demand of professionals currently in shortage in the country.
  • Immigration arrangement for non-local graduates (IANG): It suits fresh graduates. They do not need to have a prior job offer–just a valid visa. Initially, they may stay in the country for one year and explore a suitable opportunity.
  • Quality Migrant Admission Scheme (QMAS): It is a point based scheme and most suitable for skilled workers. Those with a keen interest to start their own business are given preference.

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