Immigrating to Canada? Learn How Much You Have To Pay!

Many people moving to Canada, or keen to do so, mistakenly believe that after they get a Permanent Residence (PR) Visa, to shift base to the overseas hotspot, the job is done, and the required expenses have been made. This is not true as you could have spent a big amount getting your favored visa, but it does not mean you won’t be required to spend more in the new country to successfully settle therein.

As per some observers, the money that you spend moving to the place is just 50% or half of the amount that you need to spend as the remaining has to be spent after you eventually land in the country. Yes, while shifting to the Maple Leaf Country you have to spend money, not only on processing the visa application but also on numerous other stuff.

Moving to Canada

In case you want to save the money and your visa case is not very difficult to navigate through, it would be better if you do the same yourself. You will find all relevant information and guidelines on the different official government-run immigration websites. Follow these and submit your application yourself. However, this is only for the specific visa cases which are not complex. If you have even a small doubt or difficulties filling in an application form, check with a professional visa agent.

Application Charges

For the different visa categories, up-for-grabs one has to pay different fees. Each and every specific category offered by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) comes with a different set of requirements and so different fee structures.

Economic Category

It comprises the candidates who have applied via Express Entry Pool, those who have applied as a Federal Skilled Workers (FSW), those who have submitted an application under the Quebec Skilled Workers Programme (QSWP) as a skilled worker. Other provincial nominees are also covered in the category. The primary candidate has to lose his purse strings and pay 550 Canadian Dollars. However, for spouse and kids, he has to shell out more money. For the petition of partner an extra 550 Canadian Dollars and for the kids or any other family member below 19 years old, he has to become poorer by 150 Canadian Dollars per family member.

Family Category

It’s somewhat different from the economic category, where the sponsor has to shell-out 75 Canadian Dollars for offering sponsorship. The primary aspirant has to pay 475 Canadian Dollars. Those who are below 19 years old, who have no lawful member escorting them, require paying just 75 Canadian Dollars. However, for spouse and kids, he has to give more money. For the application of spouse, he has to pay an extra 550 Canadian Dollars, and for the kids or any other family member below 19 years old, he has to give 150 Canadian Dollars per family member.

Investor, Entrepreneur or Self-employed person Category

The primary candidate has to fork-out 1050 Canadian Dollars. For the petition of the spouse, he has to pay 550 Canadian Dollars more, and for the kids or any other family member below 19 years old, he has to fork out an extra 150 Canadian Dollars per family member.

Right of Permanent Residence Fee (RPRF)

Those, who manage to reach Canada successfully after fulfilling all terms and conditions, have to pay the RPRF with a view to receive Permanent Residency. It is possible to pay the RPRF together with the application charges, to guard against the end moment stress, and to save the processing time. The RPRF for PR for the primary aspirant is 490 Canadian Dollars. Every immigrant has to pay the RPRF, barring these, namely, the convention refugees, the kids dependent on the primary candidate.

Language Skill Test Charges

It is compulsory for the aspirants from the nations where English or French is not the first language, to appear for the language skill test. The IELTS, CELPIP, and the TEF are some of the common such tests. On the basis of the specific location in the Maple Leaf Country, and the test one picks up, the structure of the charges changes. While the average cost of the IELTS is 290-315 Canadian Dollars, the average cost of the CELPIP differs and it could be anywhere between 265 and 365 Canadian Dollars.

Charges for Translating, Securing Documents While Presenting Petition for Canada Immigration

When one hasn’t every required documentation as specified in the application–such as birth certificate, certificate of marriage, etc.–he has to bear some added charges in getting these. Given the fact that Maple Leaf Country recognizes only English or French as their official language, it is important and mandatory to get all required certificates duly translated into either of these languages.

Snaps for Petition in Agreement with IRCC Rules

According to the IRCC directives, an applicant has to present several photos with the petition even as this is an extra cost to be taken care of.

Medical Examination Charges

Every permanent visa candidate requires undergoing a medical examination by a doctor-sanctioned by the IRCC in his country. So it means the professional has to be paid for his services. Medical exam charges are non-refundable.

Settlement Capitals

It’s a vital issue because any country won’t want to admit immigrants who may later prove a weight on their economy. Canada is no different. At the time of the interview at a Canadian embassy in your country, you will be required to offer every possible document illustrating that you have sufficient funds to live in the hotspot with your family. As per the requirements, the primary candidate has to show funds of 10,000 Canadian Dollars, and an extra 2000 Canadian Dollars for every member moving with him.

Travel Charges

Apart from all these charges, the applicant also has to take care of the airfare. While it may not be too high if one is moving alone, it could become too high if the aspirant is shifting along with his family members.

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