With an Eye on October Polls Québec Political Parties Make Tall Promises for Migrants

Elections are round the corner in the Canadian province of Quebec. It is scheduled to be held in the first week of October this year, and, so all key parties, running their affairs in the region, are busy wooing the people including the would-be migrants. Tall promises are reportedly being made by one and all.

Perhaps this is the main reason why Québec Solidaire, a ruling political outfit, has, reportedly, disclosed an integration of immigrants’ scheme just prior to the incoming provincial elections. The said integration scheme for immigrants as proclaimed by the party’s spokesperson is basically a plan that would work as a nucleus of information for the new immigrants.

Right from proffering important details involving the different employment opportunities in the province to the French languages classes, nearly any and everything will be made available on one platform. The goal, allegedly, is to offer useful and relevant information network in every possible area of Quebec to answer every inquiry of the immigrants.

These channels will, reportedly, be termed as Carrefours d’acceuil en immigration. Pertinent details to the immigrants, who get their education outside of the Maple Leaf Country, corresponding degree or diploma recognition, will also be proffered so that they may begin hunting for the job best suited to their qualifications.

The party’s spokesperson added that immigrants in the province comprise 18% of the total manpower and hence the ruling party, under the said plan, will guarantee that in the public sector, out of the total share of the workers, 25% will be from the ethnic & minority categories.

Promises for Migrants

Allegedly, in case migrants are not hired, or they get an opportunity that’s below their credentials, they will certainly look outside for the job that will not do much good to the province’s economy.

With a view to lift the morale, and to adjust the migrants better in the culture, the ruling party is also reportedly planning to fund French classes with the reason being 30%of the Canadians converse in the French language.

Allegedly, immigrants require basic guidance related to job opportunities, healthcare, and good housing locality, among others, when they move to the nation.

Québec Solidaire as mentioned earlier has offered this programme just prior to the provincial elections kick in even as every political outfit has reportedly made immigration the main programme of their political drive.

During the month gone by, Jean-François Lisée opposition party chief, reportedly, offered his party’s immigration plan. He pledged to increase the pace of the procedure of jobs lined up for months. As if to steal a march over others, he also added that his party will offer French language schemes to the migrants even before they land in the province.

For the migrants who are allegedly living in Quebec for the previous decade, the rate of employment stands at 81.9%, vis-à-vis the native employment rate which stands at 86.2%. Allegedly, employment rate is extremely pathetic for the new immigrants or those living in the province for less than 5 years.

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