Immigration, a constant matter of Concern in the US!

Racism is considered to be one of the important ingredients of the hostile behavior towards immigrants. Race or to exaggerate racism as the matter of fact is just the name given to people who superficially appear different. However, we all belong to the same race- human race.

SB 1070, a recent Discriminatory Immigration Law, Arizona brought forward the issue of immigration which declared that the public officials and police will be required to ask all the Latinos to put forward their identity cards. This conflicting behavior towards immigration was seen a few months ago when a list containing names and personal information of thirteen hundred illegal immigrants out of which some were actually born in US but had Hispanic names was prepared. “Cowards”, that was the name given to the list that was prepared.

14th Amendment, which declares everyone born in US, and jurisdiction subject to be the citizens of US and also of the states where their respective hometowns are, is the target now. However, there is a gray cloud of fear that most of the immigrants are scared off because of the hostile behavior being shown at the immigration check towards them.

Around three hundred citizens few years back worked in order to get nationality of US out of which approximately 10% were Africans and Europeans, 20% of the population comprised of Asians, and rest 70% were Americans (Latin).

However, one should always have a positive attitude towards immigration and the mixing of the cultures within the country. The whole country gets diversified with the entry of the newcomers belonging from different cultural backgrounds.

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