Man Dies at Aussie Immigration Centre!

According to the officials in Sydney, a Fijian man suddenly died at the immigration centre. As per the refugee advocates, this man is said to have jumped from a rooftop hours prior to his deportation. This man was 36 years old and was detained at the Villawood Detention Centre which is located at the western fringe of Sydney. As of now, the immigration officials are helping with the police investigation.

As per a statement released by the department, the dead Fijian national was in custody since the last one month. According to a spokesman, the circumstances encompassing the death of the individual are not yet clear. He described the incident as being very tragic.

According to the refugee advocated who a telephonic conversation with the inmates of the deceased had said that the man has jumped off a building rooftop. He fell into a compound of 300 people and was supposed to have died on the spot.

This incident throws light on the plight of the asylum seekers and those detained. More so, it is the conditions under which these people are kept. Prior to this incident, three Tamil asylum seekers had also attempted suicide. Additionally, even in the Detention Centre at the Christmas Island, there have been cases of suicides.

The Australian government has a policy as per which detention is mandatory for all those claiming asylum. They are generally kept at the Christmas Island which is remote and is situated in the Indian Ocean.

A few days back, US$ 50 million was announced was the expansion of the mainland facilities which could cater to another 900 more people. Also, the Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard intends to introduce a regional processing centre for the refugees.

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