Immigration behind British population surge

As per some newly released numbers, the population of the UK headed north by 419,900 in the year to June 2012 even as out of the given augmentation, nearly the swell of 165,000 persons, or 40% of the populace, was allegedly thanks to immigration, and the remaining courtesy what could be called the baby boom in the country.

However, a study of the numbers reveals that several of the infants in that baby boom were born to the 1st generation mothers. And hence immigration could allegedly be said to be accountable for a significant share of this increase as well.

While there were 813,200 births over the year, over a quarter of the said infants were born to mothers with overseas roots. Further, over the year to June 2012, Britain’s populace swelled more than any other European nation. France was its closet competitor wherein the populace allegedly increased by 319,000.

Overall immigration close to average

Meanwhile, the concerned statistics bureau claims that the stage of overall immigration was nearly average for the previous decade. The said immigration number is duly worked-out by taking the figure of individuals–who arrive on the British soils to reside over a given period–and decreasing the figure of the British residents, who depart from the nation on a permanent basis over the same time-frame.

In the year to June 2012, 517,800 aliens settled in Britain while 351,100 persons left the nation. Overseas movement of people has fuelled a population swell among those, who come in the age bracket of 23-33.  Reportedly, a significant section of the population augmentation has taken place in London, besides the south east. The capital’s populace headed north by more than 100,000 over the year, irrespective of the truth that 50,000 persons departed from London only to reside in its satellite towns, in the region of the South-East.

British capital’s populace swells by 69,000

The available numbers disclose that–courtesy net immigration over the said year–the population of London increased by 69,000. Certain other factors are also reportedly behind the populace swell. An additional number of men are living till their mid & even late 70s even while 26% extra men lived beyond their 75th birthday, vis-à-vis they did so in 2002. There are also lesser still births.

Significantly, some financial experts find immigration as indispensable for the nation. In this connection, the concerned body of the country issued a report sometime back. It said that Britain required 7 million extra aliens, inside the coming 50 years, with a view to substitute a fast vanishing labor force, and to proffer the tax income, to recompense for the nation’s rapidly ageing people.

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