Saskatchewan PNP For Immigrants

Saskatchewan state authorities have throw open Saskatchewan PNP Opens for Immigrants w.e.f. May 21st 2013. Provincial sponsorship programs have been a popular stream for skills and business migration in Canada. These programs compliment the federal skills immigration schemes but are based primarily on the state centric economic objectives.

One of the primary areas of focus of all the PNPs being run in close coordination with CIC is to increase the population of the provinces and create a larger talent base in the local labor pool to facilitate an easy availability of the expertise in the areas where the employment giving concerns are facing a deficit of appropriately trained expertise.

Besides the skills migration business owners and interested individuals can also seek entry into this country on basis of infusion of funds into their establishing and running their own commercially viable enterprise or acquiring an existing concern by procuring controlling interests in the organization.

Provincial nomination schemes like Saskatchewan PNP for Immigrants have many advantages for the applicant’s i.e.

The applications filed for state sponsorship fall under the priority processing and once selected for endorsement the application gets priority processing and the applicants need to only submit the federal form package to get the entry permission i.e. the permanent residential permit
The age group for the PNP schemes is defined between 21 years to 49 years; this is quite contrary to the newly revised age parameters for federal programs in which the preferable age has been defined between 18 years to 35 years. People beyond this age group are at disadvantage because they lose critical points in the mark based profile evaluation process

In the current pursual state authorities plan to invite applications in indicated numbers per category of immigration i.e.

  • Skilled Worker – 3,100
  • Existing Work Permits & Health Professionals – 450
  • Family Referral – 250
  • Entrepreneur – 225
  • Farm Owner/Operator – 25
  • Long Haul Truck Driver & Hospitality Sector Pilot Projects – 200
  • Students – non state Graduates – 175
  • Students – Saskatchewan Graduates – 100

As per last updates number of requests per class include

  • 483 for Skilled Workers
  • 79 for Existing Work Permits & Health Professionals
  • 51 for Family Referral
  • 225 for Entrepreneur
  • 4 for Farm Owner/Operator
  • 114 for Long Haul Truck Driver & Hospitality Sector Pilot Projects
  • 175 for Students – Out of Province Graduates
  • 88 for Students – Saskatchewan Graduates

If you have been thinking of filing for permanent residential permit under Saskatchewan PNP for Immigrants, you can avail our assistance.

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