Immigration to Canada for Electronics Engineers Lifetime Opportunity

Are you a qualified Electronics Engineer, and inspired to mover to Canada, for work and residence purposes? If the answer is in the affirmative, then you will be, perhaps, quite happy to learn that the highly popular immigration destination is sincerely interested in professionals like you.

You can mull over Canada immigration using your in-demand skills; the nation is ready to offer you PR status, and a great deal of privileges, apart from more than handsome pay-packages.  Immigration to Canada for Electronics engineers is a lifetime opportunity. No wonder, a significant number of these professionals are submitting their applications every year to migrate to Canada, for job and residence objects.
Significantly, the contribution of these experienced and in-demand practitioners towards the productivity of the national economy is praiseworthy. Ottawa prefers trained professionals who can play a decisive role and share the responsibility of delivering fruitful results.

Since too long, the Maple Leaf Country has arguably been accepted as the Number One immigration destination in the world. The current prospects of Electronics Engineers are bright in the country even while the experts are highly in demand to carry-out the technical functions in different sectors.

Work Profile: Electronics engineers Code NOC 2133

These specialists design, plan, research, evaluate and test electronic equipment and systems. Usually, the services of these professional practitioners are used by different communications companies, manufacturers of electronic equipments and consulting firms.

Additionally, they are also responsible for developing different hardware integrated software used in different household appliances. Sudden significant increase in the demand of these professionals is the result of many positions left vacant by the retirement of current employers, and/or the timely promotion given to them.

Occupational Titles

  • avionics engineer
  • control systems engineer
  • design engineer, electronics
  • electronics engineer
  • instrumentation and control engineer
  • roadway lighting design engineer
  • television systems engineer
  • electronics research engineer
  • chief electronics engineer
  • audio engineer
  • engineer, electronics

Lately, the demand of the Electronics Engineers has increased significantly. This increase is the result of technological developments in electronic products. It is likely that this growth will continue to increase in future.

Key Duties

  • Supervise the various distribution networks, and prepare a budget.
  • Write a development report, and design specifications for various electronic systems and equipments.
  • Conduct a nano devices simulations, process modeling and integration while developing new electronic devices or products.
  • Supervise the installation, modification and operation of various electronic systems and equipment and testing them.
  • Maintain and operate standard for electronic systems and equipment and analyze the electrical or electronic failures.
  • Get ready contract documents and appraise tenders for construction.
  • Administer technicians, technologists, programmers, and other engineers.

These experts specialize in multiple areas, including electrical design for residential, commercial or industrial installations, electrical power generation and transmission, and instrumentation and control systems.

Key Employment Requirements

An eligible applicant is required a three years graduation degree in Electronics Engineering, or in any other relevant engineering subject, a two years post graduation or a PhD in relevant subject is most beneficial. To work as an Electronics Engineer in Canada, it is mandatory to obtain an approval endorsement from a designated Canadian regulatory body.

You can easily stand by the fact that Immigration to Canada for Electronics engineers is a lifetime opportunity only if you meet the above criteria and educational qualification. For immigration objects, there are many other immigration programs offered by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), and you can easily avail one as per your specific requirements and work experience.

Canada Immigration Agents

For eligible Electronics Engineers, the path of immigration is easy and full of fragrance. To be extra sure, it is advisable to consult a Canada immigration expert before submitting your application as even a simple mistake can make the authorities cancel or reject your application.

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