Immigration Canada to Increase Federal Skilled Worker Program Quota

According to a recent report, the CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) has declared that they are planning to welcome more overseas immigrants to the nation under the Federal Skilled Worker scheme in 2012.

The report adds that in 2010, the CIC permitted more than 280,000 immigrants, which is an increase of more than 11.3% over the last year. In fact, it is the highest immigrants’ number over the past 50 years. About 67% of those permitted immigrants were from economic backgrounds. However, 40% of those were Federal Skilled personnel.

The Canadian Government is planning to accept 55,000–57,000 Federal Skilled personnel in 2012. The number of skilled immigrants in the previous year was from 47,000–47,400. It is expected that these increased number of immigrants will fulfill the demand for skilled workers in the nation, and will reduce the application backlogs for the skilled migration scheme from earlier years.

For overseas aspirants, with a purpose of obtaining Canada Permanent Residence, the Federal Skilled Worker scheme is the best option. Under this particular program, the prospective candidates are provided with points, on the basis of their capability to adapt and contribute in economic growth of the nation. But, to become eligible, you have to meet these criteria:

  • Obtain an employment offer from a Canadian employer;
  • Have been staying in Canada for a minimum period of past one year period as a temporary overseas worker or as an overseas student; or
  • Have experience as a skilled worker in the country with a minimum period of one year in one or more number of Canadian skilled occupations, within the period of past 10 years.

Meanwhile, Jason Kenney, Citizenship and Immigration Minister of Canada, was quoted as saying that, they are hopeful about the Federal Skilled Worker program regarding immigration. He said that economic growth of the nation is their priority. The nation understands the importance of overseas skilled immigrants to the country, as only it can fulfill the skills needs and contribute to the global competitiveness in the nation.

The CIC had done an extensive analysis of the Skilled Worker Scheme in the year of 2010 and found that this particular program did provide positive results. This report has showed that 89% of those skilled personnel were either employed or self-employed after three years of their stay in the nation. It simply indicates an urgent ongoing need for skilled workers in Canada.

Mr. Kenney further said that the CIC will continuously make efforts to updating their system of immigration, to make it more active and responsive to the needs of the nation’s labour market.

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