Indians behind US Financial Growth, Says Report

In a development which is likely to make Indians proud, a report based on the study of the US National Foundation for American Policy of 2011 says that 46% of the US’s top venture-funded businesses have immigrant founders — a majority of whom are from India.

These Indian nationals have created overall 150 jobs in the US for each company, and so the US needs those immigrants to improve the economic condition of the nation during the period of financial crisis. The report further says that the start-up trades are the main contributing factors to the growing US economy. About half of the topmost 50 ventured American companies and 75% of the leading US businesses have been led by overseas immigrants with the principal country of origin being India followed by Canada, Israel, and New Zealand.

Meanwhile, an Indian immigration attorney was quoted as saying that there are about 25% Gujarati entrepreneurs from India, in the US. He added this notable population of immigrants is regardless of the extreme complex situation for the founder of a company to attain a visa for his stay in America, and the nation’s Green Card program for skilled immigrants that generates extended backlogs and long waiting time.

Moreover, with the development of advanced technology, these entrepreneurs have provided the necessary help in introducing certain new businesses operating methods which afterward became universal practice.

Several researchers say that immigrant entrepreneurs from Indian are significantly contributing to the business development of the US. Pursuant to a research, immigrants are 30% more likely to set up a business in the US, which represent 16.7% all new trade owners in the country. Immigrant trade owners in the country are generating $67 billion of the $577 billion in the US business revenue.

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