Quebec Introduces New Electronic Tool for Easy Identification of Overseas Engineers’ Credentials

According to recent report, the Government of Quebec will soon introduce a new electronic tool to help overseas professional engineers to become a member of the Order of Engineers of Quebec, provided they have the required qualifications.  The said report also says that a complete 30% of membership applications for the Order of Quebec Engineers are basically from those, who have completed their study outside the province, in 2010-2011.

The Immigration and Cultural Communities Minister of Quebec, Kathleen Weil, was quoted as saying that it is important for the province to know the right way to attract overseas professionals with higher levels of skills and then to integrate them quickly into the workforce of the province.

She added that this proposed policy will permit the overseas immigrants, prior to their arrival in Quebec, to check online about all the requirements to become a member of the Order of Quebec Engineers, to self-evaluate the time that will be required for them and related charges, and even track their application process progress.

Weil went on to add that over the past few years, the Government of Quebec has been actively involved in more than 40 projects to provide the necessary help to the foreigner nationals with relevant qualifications recognized by different professional organizations in Quebec.

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