Immigration Canada Issues Historic Number Of Visitor Permits

If you are keen to arrive on the Canadian soils on a visitor permit, act now! The Citizenship and Immigration Canada (the CIC) has already proffered close to 1 million visitor permits during 2012 even while this year also it’s expected to roll-out red-carpet welcome to a growing number of the overseas people keen to turn-up in the nation on visitor permits.

Quicker issuance of visitor permits

Apparently, the Canada immigration minister has proclaimed that the administration is fully committed to proffer visitor permits swiftly to the aliens in 2013 also. The object is to roll-out red-carpet welcome to more and more outsiders who are real; and wish to turn-up, study or spend some time in the nation along with their family members. According to the existing official data, the number of visitor permits issued for 2012 reveals a growth of around 40% since the year 2004.

More outsiders means additional work-opportunities

The key factor at the back of the quicker issuance of the visitor permits is that the migrants on the visitor permits to the country significantly fuel the national economy of Canada. According to a concerned top government official, such migrants play a decisive role in the creation of fresh jobs in the nation.

Hence, the administration is eager to ensure that it productively works towards well-organized and timely process of such permits to draw as many foreigners to the nation as possible. It is also being claimed that such a development will be pivotal in boosting the nation’s position as a preferred world hotspot amongst the aliens.

No surprise, Ottawa has swelled the validity time-frame of the Canada multiple-entry permits by 5 years, and brought the same to 10 years. Such a step is duly tailored to assist the overseas guests make numerous admissions to the Maple County over the given time frame.

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