Getting Replacement Canada Permit: How to Go About This?

Losing/misplacing a passport & a visa could create certain difficulties for the involved holders, more so if the lost permit happens to be that of the US and/or Canada. However, in case you have lately misplaced/lost your passport–together with your US and/or Canada Permit–you don’t require to press the panic button.

But then what to do? Well, immediately bring the loss/theft of your passport and your Canada (also known as the Maple Country) Permit (or US Permit, whatever could be the specific case in your case) to the notice of a police station nearby.

For the given object, you will have to furnish the particulars of the last time you were in the possession of your passport, the actual spot wherein you mislaid or dropped your passport, or the concrete spot wherein you had placed your passport and/or visa, prior to you eventually lost its sight.

Make Trip to PICA

After this, turn up at the concerned organization, i.e., the Passport Immigration & Citizenship Agency (PICA) even as the same is required to fittingly notify about the theft or loss of your passport. The concerned officials would ask you to present certain details of the passport misplaced/lost. You will have to do the same in a given form.

Further, the PICA authorities will check if your passport has been found before being duly delivered at their bureau. In case this is not the case, you will be offered with a letter to be suitably given to the concerned police authorities, for the object of starting an investigation, for the theft/loss of your passport.

Post a police report–or the delivery of a statement of probe by the police–you may file an application for a fresh passport.

On pocketing substituted passport

After you get hold of a substituted passport, you will need a copy of police report, for presenting an application for a fresh Temporary Resident Permit at the concerned Canadian High Commission. The procedure for eligibility corroboration will not be different, and be the same as before, for receiving green signal from the involved immigration officer.

Ensure that you proffer all required details (inclusive & exact) in the petition form for Temporary Resident Permit for the Maple Country suitably inked (dated also) together with the many required papers/certificates, together with the form. Also, offer an updated paper/certificate of invite plainly stating the specific cause of your visit, and the time-frame of your whole stay in the nation.

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