Propositioned US legislation to offer 125,000 extra Green Cards

Some US senators have reportedly proposed a fresh legislation even as it is likely to see Washington DC proffering 125,000 additional employment-based Green Cards–appropriately called legal permanent residence–per annum.

The Startup Act 3.0 would offer 75,000 Green Cards every year to those migrants who start up firms and an additional 50,000 to the graduates graduating from the many American universities with degrees in Engineering & Advanced Sciences. It is one of many bills being brought forward in the US Congress by Congressmen & women from both the two key political parties, frequently in collaboration with each other.

Meanwhile–reacting favorably to the development–a famous supporter of the US qualified immigration arrangement reform was quoted as saying that, if the said bill becomes a law, it will be quite an accomplishment for the American economy.

Apparently, if it becomes law, the Startup Act 3.0 will enable 75,000 capitalists/industrialists–who draw $100,000 of start-up capital investment per annum, and utilize the same, to come-up with a business, which recruits not less than 5 persons for 3 years–to file a petition for an American Green Card. It will also enable 50,000 ‘outsider’ graduates, having higher degrees in certain subjects–such as mathematics, sciences, engineering & technology–to submit an application for Green Cards every year.

The said US immigration reform advocate, however, also added that the bill ought to be passed swiftly, continuing the Silicon Valley requires trained entrepreneurs & software engineers from throughout the globe. He further said that the existing scheme does not permit the said highly qualified persons from pocketing a US Green Card.

He continued that the people from abroad, present in the US, were behind–or partly behind–52% of the internet startups across the nation from 1995 to 2005 even while the truth that the national immigration arrangement is now obstructing numerous workers from abroad, who arrived in US, from receiving Green Cards, means that the given percentage has presently headed north to 42%.

Since he re-stormed back to the White House, during the month of November last year, the incumbent President Obama has urged for all-inclusive immigration overhaul by the close of the current year. Apparently, a group of 8 senators have hammered-out a structure for an act, which would allegedly improve the immigration structure.

Across the US–when individuals talk about the subjects related to immigration–unlawful immigration mainly made from Mexico crops-up at frequent intervals.

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