Immigration Canada to Reduce Upper Age Limit for Dependent Kids

Come January 1, 2014, and the upper age limit for the dependent child permits will be brought down from the existing 22 to 19 years in Canada. Seen as yet another check, the amendment, however, will not influence the dependent kids, whose visa-submissions are already in the queue. This is not to suggest that the same will not influence the age exception for comparatively senior kids in permanent study, with the reason being this allowance will be reportedly taken back.

Despite the fact that the fresh regulations are likely to affect not more than 7,000 dependent kids per annum, they will gravely influence the expatriates, besides the resident caregivers. Aliens in these classes have to cool their heels for several years to get Permanent Residence (PR) Permits, and fear that their foreign dependent kids could cross the age bar, and be denied the permission to join them.

The recent modifications in the Maple Leaf Country’s permit arrangement, allegedly, show the shifting immigration focus–from families to qualified employees & entrepreneurs in a position to fill the skills scarcity, or generate fresh work-openings, to motivate the nation’s delicate economy. As per as the brief proffered on the fresh laws, younger aliens will find it rather easier to become a part of the nation’s unique culture & social customs, through the system of education.

The onus of establishing the value to the nation of every migrant–and consider that those who may benefit from the country’s education arrangement, courtesy their age will be comparatively more useful & helpful economically–rests with the immigration authorities.

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