Latest Australian Permit Petition Fees Made Public

According to certain new reports, the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) has proclaimed latest permit pricing system even as the same, it’s alleged, will alter the permit submission charges, from a single charge when filing a petition to a charge per aspirant, in a single or combined submission.

Reportedly, the amendments are a component of an overall scheme of initiatives even as the same has brought-in fresh permit visa services; an innovative permit pricing system; and costs for optional services. Via the latest permit pricing structure, from July 1, 2013 onwards it will be mandatory for the aspirants to shell-out these charges at the time of a petition submission:

Base application fees: The total fees a primary visa applicant will have to pay for his visa application.

Extra aspirant fees: This will be paid for every extra permit candidate when there is over one permit aspirant in a combined permit submission, until & unless there is immunity. The charges will depend on the kind of the permit & the age of the candidate. The primary aspirant does not have to shell-out the added candidate fees.

Non-internet submission fees: The charge of AUD80 will required to be duly paid when though the aspirants could file their permit submission online–via the website of Immigration Canada–they decide to file a petition, employing a paper form & lodge it via post, e-mail, courier, fax, etc. The said charge is suitably paid per submission, and not per individual.

Succeeding temporary petition fees: The fees which the candidate could be required to duly pay at the time of filing a permit petition for certain specific temporary permits when he is in Down Under. AUD700 is the fees per aspirant in a petition, apart from any other relevant permit charges even as these do not cover the first permit which is provided if the aspirant is physically present on the Australian soils.

Apart from this, certain visa candidates could also have to give additional visa submission fees. The same may be duly paid, post the candidates have made their petition, but prior to the permit may be offered. In a situation wherein the petition is not entertained, there will be no need whatsoever of the next installment.

The latest permit pricing charges will come into force from July 1, 2013. As per as the declaration, the modifications will apply to a significant permit subcategories, even while the same will not cover the ETAs, eVisitor Permits, besides the Refugee & Humanitarian Permits. The amendments will also not be applicable to legal permit submissions filed & duly shelled-out in full, prior to July 1 this year.

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