Now it’s recruiters’ market in Australia, claim observers

Some experts opine that even while the immigration czars of Australia twist permits–to allegedly boost the immigration of trained workers to the country–the national labor market appears to be losing its steam, and progressively becoming feeble with the passage of time.

They add that those planning to shift to Down Under could better require putting their plans on hold with the reason being several firms are presently downsizing their recruitment drives. Despite the fact that currently the market favors the workers, these observers strongly think that it is geared to turn around, to become comparatively far less upbeat.

Along with the development that wages are likely to swell, at a far slower pace during the financial year of 2013-2014, the recently proclaimed increase of the fees of a 457 Permit by 100%, is apparently discouraging more recruiters from considering manpower from abroad.

The key reason for the augmentation in the fees is tied to disapprovals from the local labor forces over charges that the recruiters/job-providers have been hiring the overseas workers at lower wages as compared to those offered to local employees, further say the observers.

Meanwhile, a leading recruitment agency from Australia says that several national human resources executives presently believe that it’s a recruiters’ market–an unexpected departure from the preceding years. Supply is presently surpassing demand in an array of skills fields with income growth influenced consequently.

The organization adds that the softening market could be a fresh development. And the same will alter the hiring practices across the nation–accounting, the IT, general management & finance domains still attracting experienced and talented workers from abroad notwithstanding.

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