Latest Regulations to Lessen Canadian Temporary Worker Permit Scam

As a vital component of the administration’s alleged attempts to come down hard on the suspected scam plaguing the contentious program meant for foreign temporary workers, the involved authorities from the concerned Canadian departments will now reportedly be in a position to barge into national firms, though they may not be equipped with a warrant.

Via the modifications made to the laws–on the immigration and refugee protection–those federal officers will enjoy the powers to walk into companies/organizations, minus a warrant if: they strongly opine suspect fraud of the recruiters/job-providers; the recruiters/firms have earlier disobeyed the laws; or the firm was picked as a part of a hit and miss audit. The latest laws come several months after the incumbent Conservative administration turned around course on the scheme meant for the temporary foreign workers molded to make it harder to bring-in temporary workers from abroad.

Reportedly, the concerned minister–while exercising his powers & carrying-out his official duties and any individual giving him company-could gain admission into or pass via a private property. The concerned officers will enjoy powerful inspection rights, minus a warrant. As per as the regulations, until & unless a property is a house for living purposes, no one can raise objections to the usage of the property, and there is no requirements whatsoever of a warrant to gain admission into or pass through the said property.

Apart from this, the involved authorities will be in a position to inspect everything on the premises, grill the recruiters/bosses at any time during an overseas employee’s service, and for a maximum of six years– post the concerned worker’s work visa loses its validity–to show that they are fulfilling or have fulfilled their terms & conditions for hiring the short-term foreign employees.

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