Immigration Cap Levels Revealed!

The British Home Secretary Theresa May has finally brought out the plans regarding the immigration cap to be implemented for migrants from next year. The cap is specifically meant for the migrants coming from the non European Union nation. It has been revealed that the current cap has been cut down to 21,700 from the initial 28,000.

At the same time, this cap would not cater to most of the workers who are sent to UK by international organizations every year. These transfers take place under the system of intra-company transfers.

Another aspect specified here is that a limit might be put on the total number of students who are permitted to apply for the visas meant for two years after post graduate study. However, the Home Office is still discussing under this issue.

As of now, the following cap has been announced to be implemented from next year-

  • The total numbers workers coming from the non-EU nations under the Tier 1 and Tier 2 categories would now be 21,700.
  • Non-EU professionals permitted through intra-company transfers would remain at 22,500.
  • Net total of non-EU workers arriving in the nation, also including the professionals coming through the ICT route is 44,200. Additionally, the post study visas are also being assessed.
  • The qualifying criterion under the income levels for those workers coming under the ICT route is £24,000. These would workers would be residing in the nation for less than a year.
  • The qualifying income criterion for those workers under the ICT route who intend to live in UK for a year or more is £40,000.

Above all, this clearly projects that the government of the nation has surely started the procedure of its cut down on immigration especially from the non-EU nations. This can be considered as just the beginning with more to be expected in the near future.

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