Immigration law experts foresee the push towards enforcement by the Republicans!

Immigration law experts believe that the Republican leaders at the House of the Representatives will deal more with the enforcement part of the immigration law, than reforming the currently breached system.

Going by The Epoch Times, the Cornell University professor of law Stephen Yale-Loehr is hopeful of a reform in the immigration law during the next congressional session. Stephen Yale-Loehr is also the co-author of the immigration law treatise comprising of 20 volumes. Yale Loehr stated that the main leaders in the immigration and Homeland Security subcommittees will concentrate on formulating stricter laws for the unauthorized immigrants currently residing in the US.

The law professor at the Cornell University Aziz Rana opined that the current low key on economy will not favor an immigration reform. According to Rana such reforms have been the detested in the past economical hard times.

Some groups have been quite positive about the future reform in the legislation. They believe that such a reform would come under the GOP leadership. The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) has presented the clear picture of the feelings of the masses on the breaching of the immigration policies.

Dan Stein the President of the organization on behalf of The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) urged the future congress leaders to support the agenda of the American people and in any condition uphold their interests first. For this to happen the immigration policies have to transform appropriately Dan said. He further declared that Americans want the immigration laws to be implemented well; they also want the extent of immigration lowered.

The group has noticed that several reform proposals have gathered bipartisan support, compulsory verification of work eligibility as well as a revamped security system at the borders of the nation. The reform proposals have also banished the visa lottery program.

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