Immigration Cap should be implemented with ICTs!

According to agency group, APSCo, the UK government must make an addition of Intra-Company Transfers or the ICTs within the proposed immigration cap. The ICTs is a form of work permit which caters to about eighty percent of the IT workers coming from the non-EU nations to work in UK each year.

With the facility of the ICT in place, employers are permitted to transfer their staff to the UK without prior advertising for the jobs in the UK. As per APSCo, while the cap is already being opposed to, it would simply not make sense to introduce a limit without the inclusion of ICTs.

Many consultations by the Migration Advisory Committee and the UK Border Agency have been responded to by the APSCo. It was clearly pointed out in all the responses that three the number of the usual number of workers belonging to the non-EU nations came about during the skill shortages at the time of the dot com boom. So, a cap minus the ICTs would simply not offer much incase of employment of local IT professionals.

According to APSCo, maximum of the IT professionals who come to UK on an ICT do not possess the specialist skills which cannot be made available from the job markets in UK. More so, the rules pertaining to ICT are being used to decrease the costs pertaining to employment. This in turn reduces the number of opportunities for the local workers in UK.

Above all, the new immigration cap which is yet to be implemented has been challenged by many including businesses as well as some of the politicians. It is being emphasized that such a cap would affect the businesses in UK and would in turn affect the economy.

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