Taipei Shelter Caters to Diverse Food Items!

The NIA or the National Immigration Agency in Taiwan has announced that its cafeteria would consist of food taking into account the different backgrounds both ethnically and culturally. In other words, the food in the cafeteria of the Taipei Shelter would be more diversified to cater to the foreigners living over there.

There are about five hundred foreigners residing in the Taipei Shelter. Most of these foreign nationals are residing in the nation illegally. These people have either overstayed their visas or are in the process of finishing their process for deportation. Considering this as well as finding it a way to respect different cultures, it has been decided by NIA to increase the number of food items on its menu. This would also make the foreigners feel closer to their homes.

As per Hsieh Li-kung, Director-General for NIA, there is one Muslim out of every five foreigners. Catering to their dietary habits and beliefs, the cafeteria has brought about food which is pork-free. These dishes are cooked in separate utensils and equipment which have not been used for preparing pork.

All the new food items introduced in the menu have a big influence of the Southeast Asia. These include Singapore Fried Rice Noodles, Vietnamese Shredded Chicken salad, Vietnamese Green Papaya Salad and Thai Spicy Fish and so on.

Most of these foreigners residing here are from Southeast Asia. And so the ingredients as well as the condiments used to make these food items involve such flavors catering to the origin.

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