Mass Immigration Conference Scheduled to be Held at Boston!

The second annual National Immigrant Integration Conference is scheduled to begin this week at Boston. Among the speakers are Hilda Solis, the U.S. Secretary of Labor, Michael Brown, Mayor; and Grand Fords, N.D.

This conference is expected to be attended by over three hundred academics, policy makers as well as advocates. It would be held at the Westin Boston Waterfront. The main aim of this conference is to promote citizenship, improve public safety, enhancing immigrant entrepreneurship as well as increasing civic engagement. It is a three day long event.

The scheduled panel of immigrants and economy include Kevin McCarthy. He is the Chairman of Dunkin’ Donuts Independent Franchise Owners. With this, Mee Moua, State Senator for Minnesota is also scheduled to speak.

With immigration becoming more of a controversial debate, this conference can be considered as the right platform for people from all walks including both local as well as the immigrants to voice out their opinions. More so, it might also lead to some answers to questions which have been clouding for quite sometime.

On the other hand, effective measures to immigration reform are also an important aspect which could be brought about in this conference. It is a known fact     the measures should be such that positive outcome could be seen.

The above conference can be considered as an important platform to answer such questions and queries which has been there for some time now.

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