Immigration Checks!

When it comes to immigration, it has been for a very long time that the immigration controls of the nation have been ignored by many foreign nationals. Many fraudsters have been walking into Britain as students and have overstayed their visas.

The new immigration minister for Britain, Damian Green, has promised to enforce tighter rules on this front to prevent further illegal migration. This initiative has been further encouraged by statistics which can be considered as being unsustainable. These figures demonstrate that there was an increase in the total number of people coming to UK student visas. This is specifically for those coming from the non-EU nations. This number has gone high by almost one-third landing at 320,000. This people also include dependents. Of the above number, around 20% would still be residing in the nation even after five years. This clearly projects that the points based system which was introduced by the previous government has not exactly curbed the constant inflow in large numbers.

The big question here is whether Damian Green would success where all his predecessors have not. However, he did have some relevant questions such as the benefits that could be incurred from immigration, how to ensure that? More so, the public services should not be overwhelmed by such measures.

On the other hand, the student visa program is being constantly abused. This has to be stopped. At the same time, it has to be ensured that this important source of income which comes from these foreign nationals to the various schools and colleges in Britain does not stop.

The nation and its government have to look for alternatives which can neither be too restrictive neither can let go of the students that easily. This is because this section offers positive opportunities when it comes to long-term investment for the nation. This is especially in the form of educating young people who would later take on some of the key roles in their own nations.

Thus, as mentioned by the Minister, it is important for all those living in the nation on student visas to follow the rules. However, the problem comes in the execution of these rules. This is because in 1998, when the Labour party decided to pull down the border exit checks, it became difficult to find out whether these students have overstayed their visas or have gone back home.

So, new measures of control are being reinforced but these cannot be completely functional before 2014. Till then, a system is present which would help distinguish between the legal and the illegal migrants. Mr. Green would ensure that this task is separated out.

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