An Immigration Consultant – Story of an Underestimated Professional

Being one of the few registered immigration consultants in the country, we have clients walking in with many different questions and situations. Some of the most common issues pertain to either a refusal of their application or queries pertaining to immigration. It is during our time of discussion that many realize the importance of a consultant while filing their application. However, we cannot be confused with that of an attorney. Our job is to represent the client at the Visa Office.


Based on our client’s story, as consultants our first job is to look into the nitty-gritty of the case. We intervene where it matters! We try to detect any flaws that would affect the case of our client.

After presenting our side of what could be done regarding their application, the two most common questions asked by the clients include the following:

  • How much time would it take for us to get a permit?
  • What are the financial aspects involved?

Very genuine questions to be asked since a client would be investing (probably) his savings of a lifetime. The answer to the first question usually depends on the case of the applicant. The timelines vary depending on the type of visa applied for, the country specific high commission. Some cases might take a few months to be cleared while others could take only a few days.

Secondly, based on the nature and the complications involved (if any), the fee is charged accordingly.

Now that the applicant is in a better position to understand his situation where in he can even predict his chances at getting a permit. He is better focused regarding how to go about the solving the issue. Despite this, he is still in a dilemma whether to approach our (the consultants) services. The obvious question that pops into his mind is, “Do I need a consultant? It would require shelling in extra amount of money!” Again a very understandable question since they would be spending an amount which can serve the lifetime of a few.

As we all know, the answer to the above question is ‘No’. An applicant is free to file his own application at the High Commission. He can get an application form completely free of cost. He can read through the instructions manual, follow them, submit the relevant documents and go on with this application process. Both of us are aware of this part very well. Yet the client is sitting in front of us!

This obviously signifies the importance of a consultant. The laws for immigration are highly complex in nature with many facts not being revealed to an applicant. A consultant is someone who is experienced and is always updated with the latest in this regard. Professional expertise in such matters always provides with the necessary value addition and the much needed edge. Also, immigration laws are subject to change without any prior notice. This would prove to be a loss for any applicant since he might then be rendered as not being eligible for a particular visa.

It is difficult for an applicant to be accepted when his application has been refused once before. More so, it would cost him more when compared to getting professional assistance and getting it right the first time. Therefore, it is basically the difference between the need and choice to hire a consultant!

On the other hand, in countries like India, the industry of Immigration has not been recognized as an industry as such. Instead, the professionals are commonly known as Agents which is a major underestimation of these professionals. With the connotation of an agent, many negative aspects start to creep in.

However, people fail to remember that these matters are highly bureaucratic in nature which involves excellent knowledge about the countries to be dealt with. Additionally, constant up gradation of skills is a must. Laws keep changing and so, constant upgrading is a must. More so, one has to be thorough with it. Yet many feel that immigration is a mere process of filling and filing forms, attend an interview and one is off to a new country. It is not that simple.

The next question that pops up in the client’s mind is his chances for a success rate. Here again, hiring a consultant does mean that an applicant has found his sure shot way towards his visa. It has to be realized that the consultants are also mere humans who do not have a control on all aspects. At the end of it, the chances for getting a visa increase and the hassles would be less. But, getting a permit completely depends on the concerned high commission.

This leads to the obvious question, if the chances remain the same, why hire a consultant? The answer is simple, because a consultant can help! He can increase the chances to get a visa. More so, with a consultant in hand, one does not have to run around seeking information. It would all be ready on a silver plate! He would be the applicant’s representative. At the end of it, the consultant is helping the client.

Believe it or not, at the end of it, a consultant would be more than happy and satisfied that his client has been successfully granted a permit!

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