Canada’s New Immigrations Rules to Keep Bogus Refugees Away!

Canada’s Immigration Minister Jason Kenney recently announced a new law to keep away all the bogus refugees from countries like India, Pakistan, to name a few.

It is a fact that bogus refugees tend to breach the securities and harm the immigration system of any country to a greater extend.

The Minister said that he will come out with a new legislation to keep the illegal applicants out of the premises and keep the chances of genuine cases high.

The fact is that Canada is attired with some of the easiest immigration laws that people find it a cakewalk to move to the nation. In addition, Canada is one of the prospective countries to immigrate and hence draws the largest number of undocumented workers amongst all developed countries.

Kenney went on to elaborate that the new legislation would fast track authentic cases and remove the chances of undocumented applicants getting into the country.

In an indirect manner, the minister sent the message to the bogus applicants as well as illegal consultants that they would not be able to use Canada’s immigration system in a wrong manner.

Additionally, the new regulations would divide the bogus refugees into two main sections – first one would be the ones who come from safe countries and the second class would be the ones arriving from dangerous countries of origin. At the end of the day, the Minister would call which country falls into which section.

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