Number of Asylum Boats Increase under Rudd Administration

There has been a constant increase in the number of people seeking refuge since the Rudd government has taken charge. The asylum seeker boats that have been intercepted have increased to hundred as two more vessels were caught with eighty five people on board. These boats were caught at the Ashmore Islands by the HMAS Glenelg and at Christmas Island by the HMAS Broome respectively. With the addition of the above refugees to the detention centre at the Christmas Island, the facility would reach its full capacity of two thousand and forty people.

The news of hundred boats being intercepted after Rudd has taken charge has been confirmed by a spokesperson for Brendan O’Connor, the Home Affairs Minister. This led to the Opposition fuelling its attack on the ruling government. This was after a few asylum seekers were sent to the mainland which could possibly lead to ways that could permit them to reside in Australia legally.

Around eighty nine people which included people from Iraq, Sri Lanka, Iran and Afghanistan were brought to the Villawood Immigration Detention Centre in Sydney from Christmas Island. More so, three Chinese men managed to flee from Villawood earlier in the morning.

However, Chris Evans, the Immigration Minister was found to be confident that none of the asylum seekers would be granted any rights that would permit their stay as being legal. Despite the assurance, Scott Morrison who is the Immigration Spokesperson for the Opposition inferred that there are chances of such an act to be conducted.

According to Morrison, this is yet to be put on trial in a court to see whether the illegal status of these immigrants changes or not. There are eighty nine people here where in there sure are a few who would want to try it out in the court. They would have all the rights to do so. More so, anyone denying them these rights would simply mean going against the law.

Above all, one has to wait and watch to see the impact!

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