Immigration law adviser in Scam!

A lawyer, who is applauded as an advisor in the field of immigration, was suspected of assisting so many of undocumented immigrants stay in the nation and now has been taken into custody during a dawn raid.

The man in concern is an immigration adviser, aged 40, and has been charged of making plenty of money in pounds as a part of a crafted criminal network, confirmed the police officials.

If accusations are to be believed, the national from India is an integral part of this network, a network which plans things in a sophisticated manner and provides fake documentations to undocumented immigrants.

The network also assists in providing pay slips which gives these nationals the freedom to remain in the country. Accusations are there that the man might also have connections in assisting immigrants in moving to the UK in an undocumented manner.

The arrest happened when the man was found with his 34 year old wife. Their home is located in Hayes. the position of financials can be witnessed with the fact that his property  is protected by CCTV. He owns a Mercedes and an Audi and it is yet to be known as to how many cars and flats are owned by him, in addition to the ones mentioned here.

Cash money of more than £10,000 has been found from his home too. Additionally, four other flats went through raid and a man and woman have been taken into custody, facing accusations of having connections with the man.

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