Senate leader trying to come up with a new immigration bill!

The majority leader in the Senate Harry Reid from Nevada is trying to come up with a different immigration bill. This bill is supposed to create a new path for US citizenship for a section of illegal immigrants who entered the nation as children.

Mr. Reid proposed this amendment as a part of the bigger military policy bill just before the mid-term elections; however the bill was refused in part by the Republicans. They felt that the Democratic leader Mr. Reid was using this amendment as a political gimmick.

Despite of the rejection of the bill Mr. Reid refuses to give up. He is planning to propose the bill once again during his re-election campaign in Nevada. That’s not all, the Senator on Wednesday said that he has plans to propose “The Dream Act” bill in the current session as the “Stand alone bill”.

According to the spokesperson, the House keeper Nancy Pelosi from California has been discussing the amendment with her other democratic colleagues, but she still hasn’t taken the stand whether she will be for/against the immigration bill.

The legislation would grant citizenship to illegal immigrants who came in US before the age of 16, and resided in the nation for at least 5 years. Apart from these residency obligations, they also must complete their schooling in the US and at least 2 years of college study or military service. Before granting the citizenship status background checks would be carried out. The immigrant also must be free of any criminal charges.

Mr. Reid believes that this bill will help US in creating jobs, enforcing communities and adding to the tax base. According to Mr. Reid the secretaries of both the parties have totally supported the bill as it will strengthen the army. He calls this bill “Dream act” because it will reinforce the economy and security of the nation. It will also truly reflect core American values. He also added that children brought in US as illegal immigrants were at no fault whatsoever, and should be eligible for equal rights.

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