Immigration rules in Denmark may get steeper!

There are plans to render immigration rules more difficult in Denmark. This stricter policy will be based on the “Points system” indicative of the credibility of the immigrants. This new plan is likely to be the hot topic in campaigning by candidates in the parliamentary elections scheduled in November 2011.

Foreigners who have married any citizen of Denmark, and who wish to permanently settle in the nation, in addition to paying higher fees, will have to earn points based on educational qualifications, language proficiency and work experience. If they wish to successfully obtain permanent residentship.

Denmark Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen’s government has adopted tighter laws on immigration with the support of the Danish Peoples Party. The People’s party has been the biggest in Denmark since 2001.

According to the point-based system for spouses in Denmark, the spouse will be needing 120 points if she/he is under 24. While those older than 24 will need approximately half of that. 40 points are usually the standard for vocational training abroad. In Denmark having a degree from a top foreign university or recognized Danish institution will be rewarded 120 points.

For work experience in Denmark you will need points ranging from 40-80. Out of the last 3 years work experience, 2.5 years will have to be in an overseas destination or the candidate must have a qualified employment in Denmark for the last 2 years. Proficiency in languages like English, German, French, Spanish and other Scandinavian languages will serve as a merit.

Birthe Ronn Hornbech the Danish integration minister said to the Danish media that this proposal will help in integration. Social Democrats and the Socialist People’s party comprising the opposition parties in Denmark welcomed the proposal with severe criticism.

The Danish prime minister presented the plan for integration last month in some residential areas called “the ghettoes” due to high number of immigrants, crime rate and unemployment.

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