Immigration Law in Arizona costs $141 million!

According to a study, an estimated amount of US$141 million has been lost by Arizona after the state had passed the controversial law on immigration a few months. The Center for American Progress (CAP) has brought out a report which estimates that about 2,800 jobs in Arizona in the coming immediate few years. The main reason for this loss of jobs is the cancellation of meetings which have been taking place constantly due to the protests in opposition to this law.

As per the report, this loss of job would definitely hinder the economy of the state by more than a quarter billion US dollars. Also, over 86 million would be lost which would have catered to wages otherwise.

This controversial law on immigration was introduced a few months back. The controversial provisions in the law included the police to be given the authority to question and arrest suspects who might be living and working illegally in the state. In other words, they would be given the duty of immigration agents patrolling throughout the state. Many have objected to this law claiming that this could lead to racial profiling.

However, some of the clauses in the law have been allowed to be implemented. This prohibits the implementation of the above mentioned provisions which have been blocked. These provisions were blocked after the Obama administration made appeals in the court. According to them, the state authorities do not have authority to execute federal laws.

As per above mentioned study, such immigration laws and policies would lead to more of impacts which can be considered as being catastrophic in nature. This would further lead to other state authorities to implement such policies.

CAP has finally stated that this would directly hit the visitor spending and that too, at a time when the economic start is actually not very good.

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