Vancouver Preferred by Tamil Migrants!

A group which is into assisting the newcomers into Canada has confirmed that Vancouver is the most desired destinations for Tamil Migrants. The same is applicable for people who arrived through boats on the B.C., coast and were one hundred and seventy in number. Rather than Toronto, they preferred Vancouver as their choice.

Four hundred and ninety two migrants came in British Columbia last August and out of them, 174 were granted freedom on the basis of the conditions set out by the Immigration and Refugee Board.

David Poopalapillai from the Canadian Tamil Congress has confirmed to the fact that a majority of these people are intending to stay in Vancouver. Some of them are waiting for their spouse to join them while some just love to be there. He went on to say that the Tamil committee in Vancouver is taking ample care and providing assistance to those who have faced their releases.

Also, it has been confirmed by Poopalapillai that almost ninety kids who came through ships are being assisted by children’s’ services in B.C and are currently residing with them only. He also confirmed that these people are intending to work and contribute in the nation’s economy as soon as they get the required permit.

Some critics are against this move that the intake of more number of immigrants would only create a shortage of employment opportunities for the nationals of the nation. They have been applauded as some one who jump the queues and gain their rights to enter the country.

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