Immigration, More of a Political Debate!

Immigration is definitely a current debate in the United States with a new update almost every few hours. The recent has been by Sharron Angle, the U.S. Senate candidate after she defended her latest ad. This ad had men who were quite threatening and seemed more like Hispanics.

During a forum with the Las Vegas Rancho High School Hispanic Student Union, Angle said that she wasn’t exactly sure if the actors who had featured in the advertisement were Latino. The Associated Press used the caption “Mexicans from Mexico” for the Getty image which has been used in the commercial. Post this report, the ad has been removed.

This controversy has come about amid the polls which project a tough race between Harry Reid, the Democratic Senate Majority Leader and Angle. The campaign by Reid took a jumpstart with the saying that Angle not admitting to the meaning being depicted in her ad. This clearly adds to the continuous pattern of what has been termed as pathological lying.

With both the parties happily playing politics to win their set of votes, it seems as if immigration is just an issue merely to be spoken for the sake of one’s advantage. Instead, if the political leaders cater to something more than just talk, it would probably do more good for the nation and stop illegal migration.

But instead, a political campaign seems to be on the loose where in the Angle campaign is more in news for being attacked unfairly just because it withdrew from the immigration laws proposed by Reid.

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