Institute in Auckland under Immigration Radar!

Charged with allegations of committing fraud, the Kingsland Institute in Auckland is losing all its international students. The private training institute has had to pay almost 1 million dollars as refunds to all the international applicants after the application process was frozen sometime back this year.

The Manager of the institute, Donald Han has been accused of 3 charges under the Immigration Act. These allegations cater to offering false information and other misleading information. He has also been alleged for 2 offenses under the Immigration Advisers Licensing Act. He had offered immigration advice when he was not authorized for the same. Earlier in July, allegations were put on him when two prospective students had complained against him.

The courses which are offered by the institute include English, IT, business and cookery. It caters to about 400 students. As of now, dozens of students have pulled out of the courses which has led the institute to pay back.

An appeal has been made by the institute to the High Court to get a stay order on the general instructions brought out by Immigration New Zealand which has frozen the application processing of students intending to study. However, this appeal has not been upheld.

With more and more students withdrawing from the school, it would not be wrong to say that the school has lost its reputation. As of now, an assessment is being conducted by the Qualifications Authority to check whether or not it meets the requirements.

The maximum penalty on grounds of violating the Immigration Act caters is 7 years of serving time in jail and may/may not be charged a fine of 100,000 dollars. All other charges cater to a penalty fine of another 100,000 dollars.

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