Immigration Myths!

Immigration is a very complex issue. It cannot be defined in a single sentence or phrase. When this concept is combined with an economy, the issue becomes even more complicated. This is because an economy and immigration always go hand in hand. In any economy, immigration has a certain role to play. Some might deny it while others agree to it. At the same time, the fact cannot be ignored that a part of any economy is fuelled by immigration.

With the recent news of immigration cap in Britain and anti-immigration law being introduced in Arizona. With this, various polls portraying negative feedback when it comes to immigration, it is time to shed some light on some pre-conceived notions when it comes to immigration. Some of the most common immigration myths include:

  • Immigrants Steal Away Jobs from the Locals: On the contrary, it is quite the opposite. Immigrants are only invited to come and work in a particular nation, for the growth and development of a particular economy. Each nation has a set of occupations for which it is short of skilled migrants. These jobs are enlisted separately and applications are invited from foreign applicants to apply for these jobs. This way, the nation gets trained migrants who could in turn empower the local workforce which could create more local labor. So, instead these immigrants could be considered as a source for creation of more jobs for the local population.
  • Illegal Happens Illegally Only: This is another common misconception. Although, illegal migration is a major problem faced by many nations in different parts of the world, this is merely one of the downsides of the whole issue. Those immigrants who have brought difference to a nation are definitely not the illegal migrants. They walk into a nation through the right channel. Agreed that there have been many who have either overstayed their visas or have walked into a nation illegally, it would still be very wrong to assume that it is the only form of immigration.
  • Immigrants do not Integrate with the Local Society: Another myth regarding immigrants. It is agreed that there would definitely be an air of discomfort from both ends that is the immigrant is new to the nation and would take some time to adjust. At the same time, the local people might also be skeptical about their new neighbors. In such a case, effort has to be made from both ends. This is because there are cultural differences, language skills and so on which makes it quite a task for the migrants to settle in. So, there are many factors which contribute to the process of integration.
  • Immigration Leads to the Loss of Cultural Heritage: Immigration aids to the prevalence of a multicultural ambiance and society. So, it would be wrong to say that a particular nation tends to lose out on its cultural heritage. With immigrants, new cultures are brought in which adds novelty and uniqueness to a nation. This in a way tends to bridge gaps globally. This also tends to boom the local economy. For instance, with a new culture, new businesses are formed in the form of restaurants and so on.
  • Immigrants Do Not Pay Taxes: This is also a misconception. Each and every resident irrespective of being a citizen or an immigrant has to pay taxes. If an immigrant is not paying taxes, he is not abiding the law. As per the nonpartisan Urban Institute, all immigrants and refugees have to pay about $28 million more than their intake of resources. So, it would be wrong to say that all immigrants do not pay taxes. At the same time, these migrants are the ones who consume the least of the welfare funds.

The above five can be considered as some of top myths revolving around immigration. It is important to break these shackles in order to move to a prosperous tomorrow and curb the unwanted elements in this regard.

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