Check These Immigration Options & Migrate To Australia!

Migrate To Australia

Gone are the days when migrating to Australia was considered to be an easy task. Things have become lot tricky now. Here is a simple and straightforward guide where you can find 6 easy options to migrate to Australia.

Migrate To Australia
Migrate To Australia

Employer-sponsored Workers

If you can find an employer who will offer you a job in the country, it can be the quickest option for getting the first foot into the country. It can lead to Permanent Residency (PR) easily. Work for the same employer for more than two years, keep your hands clean, and you can apply for residency after this. This, however, works only for the approved skills provided that the employer is capable of convincing the government that no employee from Oz is available for completing the job. For the higher skilled jobs, it is possible for coming directly with a Permanent Residence Visa (PRV) in accordance with the schemes that are available.

Professional & Other Skilled Migrants

This is for those who have to attain an age of 18 years and are not more than 50 years old. An important criterion involves speaking good English. Though the job lists are considered to be a little bit of minefield, Critical Skills List, Skilled Occupation List, Employer Nominated Skilled Occupation List and Migration Occupations in Demand are still there.

Business People

This option is specifically for those who have attained the age of 18 years already and are less than 45 years old. Also known as the Business Skills Visa, you require investing or establishing an Australian business, provided that the business complies with the requirements in a successful manner; for instance, by employing the requisite number of the nationals which can be beneficial in procuring PR. Purchasing a franchise can also work.

Nurses and Doctors

There is a shortage of skilled nurses and doctors in the nation and likewise there are several opportunities for those who have qualifications for moving to the nation on a permanent basis. Thus, if you are a qualified nurse or a doctor, there are higher chances of moving and procuring PR in the nation.

Investor Retirement

If you have already attained 55 years, and do not have a dependent that is exclusive of your life partner, and can prove that you are self-funded, you can retire in the Kangaroo Land. Though you will not be able to get PR, you can avail a 4-year Visa. It is, however, possible to re-apply every time it is up for renewal, and as long you are capable of satisfying the requirements, your visa will be renewed.

Work Holiday Visa

It is not clearly permanent. But for people whose age is between 18 and 30 years, it is recognized to be a fantastic option of visiting the country. You can work for the entire period if you want. However, you can work only for maximum six months with at least one employer.

If you have a skill which has a high demand here, you can come over for duration of 12 months and demonstrate the skills which may help you in getting an Employer Sponsored job offer. This can be the fastest options for getting here. The WHVs can only be availed by the passport holders of the qualifying countries.

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