Immigration Problems in Australia!

It has been noticed that there has been a constant rise in the total number of illegal migrants who are walking into Australia. Of these, most of them have arrived through boats. According to the Australian Customs and Border Protection report, there has been a rise by 123 percent in the number of detainees between the time period of 2009-10 when compared to the previous year.

When it comes to the number of people detained, 8749 people were detained. Of these, 7116 came via boats and entered the nation illegally. Another 1356 had overstayed their visas.

The annual budget for the customs and border protection in the previous year was £121.7 million. This was further dominated by an expense of another $170 million. This expenditure was brought about to cater to the monumental rise in the total number of detainees. Foreseeing further increase in these numbers, the annual budget for the next year has been hiked to $471.2 million.

Scott Morrison, the Shadow Immigration Minister has constantly found faults with the immigration policy of the government. As per him, there is a rolling crisis when it comes to detention, in front of the government. This crisis is because of the failure of the government when it comes to border protection. The cost is simply rising because more are coming; staying and people are refusing to leave.

On the other hand, the government has also been criticized for the numbers of asylum seekers being accepted. This is specifically for those who belong to the criterion of being non-skilled. This is specifically when the nation is constantly promoting a shortage of skills in the nation which is catering to a rise in immigration.

Above all, a balance has to be brought about when it comes to such an issue which is very sensitive. More so, illegal migration being a very important issue, more needs to be done to bring about change.

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