Immigration Raid in UK Lead to Arrests!

Four immigrants in the United Kingdom have been arrested on charges of being undocumented. These migrants were working in a toy store in London as cleaners illegally. The arrest was announced by a press release from the UK Border Agency. This was then followed by raid at the Hamleys toy store. The raid was aimed at the staff working in the store.

As per the reports, the immigration officials were conducting these raids based on intelligence. They had brought about a warrant to check the records of the staff. This also included the verification of the visa status of the immigrant workers.

The above incident led to the arrests of one Nigerian man, a woman from Ghana and two men from Brazil. They have been arrested on charges of committing offences pertaining to immigration.

According to the press release from the UK Border Agency, action would be taken to depart them from the nation. At the same time, Crystal Cleaning Services which is the employer might be charged with a fine as high as £10,000 for each illegal migrant.

At a time when the UK government is trying to cut down on net immigration by tens of thousands, such measures and crackdown of illegal immigration rackets could be expected to increase over a period of time. Since the government is already bringing about a permanent cap on legal migration, it is time to look at other doors as well.

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