Want to be a Social Worker in Canada?

Working for the welfare of the society is undoubtedly a rewarding deed! Remember, to get indulged in social work needs a lot of patience and good will, and of course a selflessness nature. With lot of NGOs sprouting around us, the scope and opportunities for social workers are also getting bigger and better. An individual who is doing so much for his/her fellowmen, they have all the right to be paid good. But, unfortunately, this is not the case with everyone and in every country.

In a country like India, the scope and salary given to social workers are limited and too less respectively. One should keep one thing in mind that social work is acknowledged and appreciated across the world. This is why one can always consider immigration as part of their future plans in order to pursue his/her career as a social worker. After all, if you have the desire to work in favor of the mankind, then you should not bother about the geographical locations.

A country like Canada holds a great deal of opportunities for social workers. With overwhelming salary packages, the North American country is a paradise for individuals who intend to build a career in social work. Let’s look at the average salary structure of social workers working in Canada and just have a rough idea:

LocationLow Wage$

per hr


per hr

High Wage$

per hr

Calgary / Banff / Drumheller – Alberta*19.2335.7143.352009
Edmonton and Area – Alberta15.3428.0943.582009
Vancouver / Lower Mainland Southwest – British Columbia11.7125.8436.702008
Winnipeg – Manitoba15.8724.5233.172009
Fredericton – New Brunswick16.2424.8130.872008
Halifax – Nova Scotia15.4028.4037.752009
Toronto – Ontario18.8030.1541.802009
Ottawa – Ontario19.1528.5541.102009
London / Woodstock – Ontario17.9028.2038.502009
Kitchener / Waterloo / Barrie / Guelph – Ontario17.7527.7037.602009
Prince Edward Island20.4024.1531.052009
Montreal – Quebec20.5027.5037.752008
Saskatoon Area – Saskatchewan18.8025.7038.902009

For social workers who have been working at low wages in their home countries or in any foreign country, this is high time you consider immigrating to Canada. For your assistance, you can contact us at ajay@abhinav.com!

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