New Point System and Pass-Mark for Australian Skilled Migrants!

Australia has proposed a new point system and pass-mark that will give preference to overseas immigrants with more experience, better English language skills and higher academic and professional qualifications. The current ‘occupation-focused qualifying and selection criteria’ would now be removed. It may also not be very favorable to low skilled qualifications and job profiles, even if they have been earned within Australia. The rules would be made in such a way so as to remove overseas applicants with low qualifications.

The new points test gives maximum weightage to applicants, between the age group of 25 to 32 years. In addition, those who have a good proficiency in English, higher qualification and an updated experience in their occupations would be given preference over others.

The proposal has been made and the new list would see its effect from 1st July 2011. Applicants seeking visas in following categories would be affected due to the amends brought about:

  • Subclass 175, Skilled Independent
  • Subclass 176, Skilled Sponsored
  • Subclass 885, Skilled Independent
  • Subclass 475, Skilled – Regional Sponsored
  • Subclass 487, Skilled Regional Sponsored
  • Subclass 886, Skilled Sponsored

Here is the summary of proposed changes that would be applicable from 1st July 2011:

  1. The most significant change is that no preferred occupation list(s) may be applicable any more. Points would no longer be awarded on the basis of an applicant’s occupation. The only aspect is that the applicant will score 40/50/60 points depending on the occupation that is nominated. To claim the points for work experience under the new points test, the experience must be in the nominated occupation or a closely related occupation.
  2. Preference would be given to those applicants with more years of professional experience in the nominated occupation.
  3. There will no longer be a distinction in the pass mark between independent and sponsored visas and permanent and provisional visas.
  4. The maximum age threshold for applicants will be raised from 45 to 49 years. This will be a very major change from the current policy as only applicants below 45 years of age are permitted to apply.
  5. The threshold English language requirement would be a minimum of 6 in each of the four components of the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). Higher the IELTS score, the better are the chances to qualify!
  6. Qualification or apprenticeship obtained overseas have to be recognized as being of a standard. It should be comparable to that awarded by an Australian education institution. This is likely to be structured in a system almost similar to New Zealand. There would be approved lists of Indian institutions whose qualifications would be accepted as equivalent to Australian Educational system. The qualifications not mentioned in that institution list would be required to be referred and approved by the qualifications assessment authority appointed by the Australian Government.

Past experience says that one may or may not qualify under a proposed law or procedure. So, if you are qualified to make an application for Immigration to Australia under the Skilled Migrant program, make an application immediately and without delays. It is common for Governments across the world to suddenly stop accepting the applications if there is an upsurge of fresh application. So get into the immigration queue ASAP.

To know whether or not you are qualified, kindly send the following information to [email protected] for free of charge assessment and appropriate advice. Your details will get personal attention of Mr. Ajay Sharma, Principal Consultant, ABHINAV.

  • Your updated resume
  • If married, provide the resume for your spouse as well
  • If applicable, please provide information on children and their age
  • Information on any blood relatives residing in Australia. If yes, please also advise on the state/city of their stay.

Best of luck!

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