Immigration Reform: Better Alternatives Required

The recent amend proposal brought out by Senators – Schumer and Graham has been considered by many critics as being not very good as ideas to bring about reform. As per these analysts, a tough alternative has to be brought about which needs much more than these mere proposals.

Schumer and Graham have been criticized for their lack of vision and new ideas which would involve the goals of these immigrants working in the United States. Instead of looking in these aspects, it is said that the current proposals are based more on political calculations.

As per the proposal brought out by Schumer and Graham, agreements such as those of NAFTA and CAFTA which bring about profits for the companies in the United States are being ignored. More so, in the process the countries like Mexico and other nations in Central America are getting poorer with an increase in poverty.

With NAFTA being implemented, the income for the nation of Mexico saw a sudden drop as millions of workers had lost their jobs and many farmers had lost out on their land. With most of these people having lost out on a living in their own country, they would definitely want to start afresh. And what would be the best way to do when the US is their door step? The best way to enter the United States for them seems to be entering via the back door. Thus, amends have to be brought about first in the various trade policies of the United States which would prevent many people from losing out on their livelihood.

Another aspect which has to be looked into is those immigrants who are working in the United States without legal documents. These people should be fired from their jobs and imprisoned for such an offence. Since these people are more vulnerable, it is much tougher for them to defend themselves. More so, all the immigrant workers in the United States must have an ID card which would keep a check on the undocumented migrants.

Even if the government plans to bring about a scheme that would help these migrants get a legal status, there should not be any hindrances for them to acquire it. Under such schemes brought out previously, many migrants got a legal status most of them working and contributing to the nation.

All in all, any form of reform should protect the rights of the people involved. Ideas should include equality amongst all erasing all forms of discrimination; benefits should be clear from the ideas and should outweigh the cons in it.

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