Tough Immigration Bill for Arizona State

The lawmakers in Arizona have passed the legislation on Immigrant Enforcement. According to this legislation, it would be an offence for any immigrant not having proper documentation while in the state. This would also give the authority to the local police to verify the status of the immigrant if the need arises on charges of being a suspected illegal migrant.

A veto could still be imposed on this by Jan Brewer, the Arizona Governor who has not yet commented on the bill. More so, she has opposed to such strict laws. As of now, the bill has been passed by the lower house of Arizona. This was done after it was approved by the state Congress.

On the other hand, the many Immigrants’ Rights Groups have opposed to this bill. As per them, the bill would make it difficult for the immigrants to live and they would be left with one option, which is to leave. More so, it is indifferent to the rights of these people and thus, caters to racial discrimination.

This bill is said to be different from its earlier version by permitting cover for church and other organizations in the community from being prosecuted for aiding illegal immigrants. As per Representative John Kavanagh, this bill is the answer to all the issues pertaining to the local communities, constituents and colleagues. This would easily permit the police to protect the rights of the citizens as well as the legal residents.

Another issue of concern is that there would be a shortage of workforce if most of these migrants have been sent away. This would lead to a major economic crisis in the state. So, there are no answers to this issue as of now. The government has to come up with a plan in the meantime.

All in all, this bill has aided to the Obama government where in a few local law agencies have been trained under the 287g program. These skilled enforcements would be responsible for checking the immigrant status of these migrants.

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