Mexican Business Travelers need to have Visit Visa to enter Canada

In order to curb the influx of refugees from Mexico, the Canadian government had enforced major restrictions pertaining to visas specifically for the Mexican citizens. This was implemented in July 2009.

This effort could still be considered as not being a very positive approach since Mexico is a member of the NAFTA should be permitted to visit Canada. This should be done so without applying for a visit visa. In light of these facts, the government of Canada has reconsidered the scenario making an exception for the businessmen traveling from Mexico.

A specific program known as the “Invitation Only” program has been developed for all the business travelers from Mexico. These travelers would be permitted twenty four hours timeline for processing their visa applications. This would cater to speedy processing which would definitely help in the economic recovery for both the nations. However, the questions still remains the same: Is their really a requirement for a visa for these applicants?

With more reforms to curb illegal immigration, it could sure be expected that Mexicans get to travel freely to Canada. However, more work needs to be done on this front.

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