Immigration Reform: Too Restrictive or too many Loopholes?

Illegal migration has been a major issue in the United States. With millions of illegal migrants living in the nation who are mainly looking forward to better opportunities for life in the form of employment as well as contribute to the society, less seems to have been brought about in this regard.

The state and the local governments in United States are soon to consider the most controversial issues in the nation. The Republican Study Committee was called by a coalition of Republican state lawmakers. This committee was called on for a discussion on the introduction of a bill on immigration which is similar to that of the immigration law in Arizona.

The Republicans have been pushing forward such a bill despite knowing the fact there are fewer chances of it being passed in the State Senate which is controlled by the Democrats. It has been admitted by Kent Lambert, the State Senator that a lawsuit might be likely in the making if it is passed. However, he also said that the bill would be ready to be introduced when the legislative session would open in January.

According to another report, the Denver City Council is to vote on a resolution which would cater to federal DREAM Act. This act too is under debate in Congress as the act caters to providing a status of conditional residency to specific immigrant students with certain terms and conditions. This legislation too was criticized by many.

The Immigrants Rights Advocates have been praising Bill Ritter, the outgoing Governor for his stand on the Secure Communities agreement which is another controversial federal program. This program is catered to coordinating information from the Homeland Security and Justice Department. This is to identify those people who have been charged of criminal offences and could be subject to deportation. At the same time, these groups have been critical of the Secure Communities programs claiming that this would simply lead to the immigrants being very hesitant to report crimes in the future due to the fear of deportation.

Above all, with different formats of controversial programs on immigration, there seems to be more of an approach which cannot be considered as being focused. With illegal migration already on a high, we also see that the programs are either way too restrictive which would build only fear or has too many loopholes.

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