Loophole in UK Visa Cap!

The current interim cap on immigration to UK has led to major rise in the number of applications especially for the Intra-Company Transfers (ITC). This is the only categories under the UK visas which is exempt the cap. As per the statistics from the Home Office, there has been a rise by about 30 percent in the ICT applications for UK visa. This increase has been noticed in three months since the interim cap was enforced on the employment-based visas in July.

If looked into the number of foreign workers coming to UK, over 8,000 workers from the non-EU nations walked into the nation in the third quarter of this year. If looked in the number for the same quarter last year, the number for this group was much less. These recent statistics have led to further claims that most companies in UK are now exploiting what is being termed as a loophole in this cap on immigration.

According to Peter Skyte from the Trade Union Unite, this cap is a major loophole. The prediction has throughout been more of deception than the actual cap. It is being feared that the visa numbers under the ICT would raise constantly despite the cap on permanent immigration is implemented next April.

It has been recently announced by the UK government that the ICT visas would be considered as an exemption to the new immigration cap to be introduced. If the media reports are to be believed, this can be considered as a way to pacify the biggest businesses in UK.

It is a known fact that businesses in UK have been lobbying after the cap was announced and introduced. Many have even warned that such restrictions might force them to move overseas in search of skilled labor. This would in turn have a bad impact on the economy as well as the unemployment rate in the nation.

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