Students starve to get the Dream act passed!

Looks like Senator John McCain will witness big support for the Dream Act. The prior documented and the current undocumented ASU students have decided to go on a Tuesday hunger strike outside the senator’s office at phoenix.

The hunger strike is organized to get the senator vouch for the Dream Act bill, proposed to grant citizenship to all the youth below 35 years of age, who had migrated as children to US below the tender age of 16. The act also has some prerequisites to qualify for citizenship i.e. the person should complete high school or even have a GED apart from this a minimum 2 years of college or even service in the military.

The bill despite of being introduced in the year 2001 is yet to reach the President. The undocumented students have formed the Arizona Dream Act Coalition group which is totally thumbs up for the legislation. The policy maker of this coalition Dulce Juarez is planning to begin her fast on Tuesday. She is a graduate in electrical engineering from the ASU. She will be joined on Thursday by others in the hunger strike.

Daniel Rodriguez a member of the coalition said that the fast may continue for as long as 9 days. The organizer and planner of the hunger strike Celso Mireles stated that since the bill was proposed a decade ago, each year disappointment was reflected on each day of the strike. He further added that they really looked forward to senator McCain’s support.

Out of the 2.1 million illegal students in the country, Arizona itself has a share of 114,000 undocumented students. McCain though initially supported the bill; recently he has not shown any positive bend towards the bill. Similar hunger strikes are being planned around the country by undocumented students. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas is also being persuaded by undocumented students to extend support for the Dream Act by holding a hunger strike at San Francisco, Texas.

On Tempe campus at the Memorial Union, in the ASU, the Tuesday hunger strike will be announced by the Coalition.

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