US needs a comprehensive immigration bill!

The illegal immigrants have been waiting for a competent immigration reform. The Americans have realized that hostility against the immigrants may not work in their favor.

Immigrants have been given cold shoulder many a times. The Arizona immigration reforms relies on unconstitutional means to tackle illegal immigrants especially the Hispanic community. Certain parts of the Arizona law deny civil rights and offer loopholes for racist indiscrimination. The community targeted the most is the Hispanic community. The controversial parts of the bill have been challenged by the judges in the courts.

Immigrants have been subjected to all kinds of ill-treatment at workplaces or local neighborhoods.

Even at these unfavorable times, it is not unwise to introduce a comprehensive reform in the immigration policy. Hatred, brutality and injustice are not a part of the core American values.

The Democratic and the Republican Parties are well aware of the fact that victory in the coming elections is nearly impossible without the backing of the Hispanic community. The one who brings out the most competent reform bill will gain the access to the Hispanic vote bank. The Hispanics have borne sufficient abuses and insults in the past not to react or demand a better immigration policy. The fastest growing minority community in USA is the Hispanic community; hence it has a huge political significance.

Utah has shown a fresh change from the horrendous and inhuman Arizona law. “The Utah Compact” was devised by a bunch of conservative politicians, religious leaders and community representatives. The compact was a declaration of 5 rules for a healthy immigration reform. It focuses on federal solutions, families, law and order, economy and freedom.

This wise decision is a breather! We hope that such good reforms influence the leaders at Capitol Hill. The efforts of the Democrats and the Republicans have to be guided towards formulating a competent immigration reform that empowers and yet assertive.

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