Immigration Rules Made Stringent for Indian IT Professionals!

UK has tightened the Immigration rules for Indian applicants planning to migrate to the country under the IT professional category under inter-company transfers.

According to the new rules, applicants are required to have an experience of 1 year in place of six months with their employers before finally moving to the UK. Also, workers coming under this category would no longer be able to apply for Permanent Residence, even if they fulfill the necessary requirements.

A regular control over the rules and regulations is a necessity in today’s Immigration world in order to ensure that every thing is carried out in a legal manner. It is a world known fact that Illegal immigration not only hampers the image of the country but also the people living in it.

The rules were also tightened somewhere back in November 2009. Have a look at it: If you are one of those applying under the same category, ensure that the filing of your application forms is done in accordance with the new guidelines. You can take guidance from an Immigration expert and know more about the rules and regulations in order to go for a hassle free Immigration experience. A veteran is decked with the recent happenings of the Immigration arena; therefore he would be of your uttermost guidance when it comes to filing and filing of an application form.

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